Gas spring for air rifle Hatsan 125

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The gas spring of a high pressure "Calibre" replaces a steel twisted spring in pruzhinno - the piston rifle Hatsan MOD 125, 125TH SAS™ Quattro Trigger (a metal cock). Installation of a gas spring in a rifle differs in nothing from replacement of a regular twisted spring and doesn't demand modification of a design. The effort of a gas spring is adjusted for achievement of the maximum fighting characteristics for this model of a rifle.

Is included in the package
1) Gas spring
2) Persistent washer
3) Packing

- The instruction on installation and operation you can download after registration of the order in a private office.

- plunger spring of a high pressure
- not folding
- with the pressure relief valve (refilling and control of effort is possible).
- It is downloaded N (Nitrogen) up to the size the providing maximum fighting characteristics.
- Guarantee of 12 months.

Quality assurance and the correct fighting characteristics of a gas spring we guarantee only on the springs "Calibre" bought from us on the site. By no means it is impossible to allow a sharp otpuskaniye of the squeezed gas spring out of a rifle! The spring will fail. At installation accurately to handle a rod, any deep scratch on a rod will lead to premature failure of a gas spring both guarantee and post warranty maintenance on such goods doesn't extend.
It is made by request of - the representative on sales of gas springs "Calibre" in Russia and worldwide.

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